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Stigma-Free Workplace Initiative


Because Mental Health Matters…

At NAMI Louisville, we believe in the power of mental health assessment and treatment to allow individuals and
their families to lead successful, fulfilling lives. That’s why we’ve started the Stigma Free Workplace Initiative.
Mental illness in the workplace is often invisible, but its impact can be felt far and wide. Everything from productivity
levels to workplace cohesion, and ultimately, profits, can and likely will be affected.
The statistics speak for themselves:

  • Mental health conditions are the leading cause of disability in the United States.
  • Untreated mental health conditions cost companies 200 million workdays annually – nearly $17 BILLION
    in lost productivity.
  • 8 out of 10 workers with a mental health condition report that shame and stigma prevent them from
    seeking treatment.
  • Family members are likely to miss work when a loved one is struggling with mental illness.

That’s why NAMI Louisville is introducing a new program to help employers assist an employee struggling with a
mental health crisis.

The Stigma Free Workplace Initiative empowers employers to develop and retain experienced human capital while
reducing costs associating with absenteeism, stagnant productivity and workplace friction. We engage with
employers in a process that promotes diverse, compassionate work environments where mental health is
acknowledged and accessibility to resources is prioritized. By destigmatizing mental health, we are opening doors
and minds, and creating workplaces where the impact of mental health is minimized through normalizing the

We help employers build a framework so that an employee or family member in need is met with compassion,
assistance, kindness and, most of all, resources. By creating a foundation where the stigma of mental health is
removed, workplaces are better equipped to elevate productivity levels quickly and efficiently.
In addition, organizations that achieve certification are seen by potential employees, clients and business partners
as great places to work or to form partnerships.

How Does the Program Work?

The NAMI Louisville Stigma Free Workplace initiative is a tier-based workplace certification program that helps
employers, businesses, companies and organizations assist employees in need of mental health support.
The program offers multiple levels of participation, depending on the size of the company and their service needs.
Ultimately, companies and employees achieve a healthier understanding of mental health issues, equipping them to
assist workers in crisis as well as provide resources for treatment before a crisis situation occurs. By encouraging
early intervention, the overall impact of the employee’s illness is reduced, creating a compassionate work
environment and saving critical time and money in the process.
NAMI Louisville is currently reaching out to area employers offering assistance and support in creating Stigma Free
Workplaces across the community.

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