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Jan 7, 2017

I am thrilled to announce that Tim’s Law has been filed for the first time in both the House and the Senate!

Please thank Rep. Tom Burch for sponsoring and filing HB 79 earlier this week.

The identical bill was filed yesterday by Sen. Julie Raque Adams as SB 91in the Senate.  There are three cosponsors already:  Sen. Alice Forgy Kerr, Sen. Ralph Alvarado and Sen. Morgan McGarvey.  Please thank Sen. Adams and our cosponsoring Senators!

I have attached a one-page description of the bill which you can use when talking with YOUR House and Senate member about the bill and asking them to support – and perhaps, to cosponsor – the legislation.

The KY General Assembly is meeting tomorrow in a rare Saturday session and then all legislators will be “back home” for a month before resuming the session on February 7th.  This is an ideal time to reach out to your legislators, to introduce yourself as a constituent, and to talk with them about what is important to you and to your family, your work, your community.

There are 30 new members of the KY General Assembly – 28 in the House and 2 in the Senate!  They likely know very little about mental health issues, about disabilities, about the effectiveness of treatment if it is funded and available, about how Medicaid works (or doesn’t), about how you and your family or your clients struggle with barriers to care and having their needs met.  Who will speak up if not YOU??

The LRC website – – has not yet been completely updated with information on all of the new legislators, but will be very soon.  I have attached a sheet which describes how to get the information that you need from the website so you can email, call or visit legislators.  Please do it today!

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