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Who Are We?

NAMI of Louisville was founded in 1979 and we provide services to persons living with mental illness, their families, and the Louisville community.

Formed by family members years ago when many persons living with serious mental illness were not able to advocate for themselves, NAMIs nationwide have had a phenomenal impact in improving services and treatments.

Today, NAMI affiliates across the country embrace the agendas of increasing numbers of articulate consumers of mental health services who make their own needs known clearly, as well as advocating for the needs of their families and their communities.

The combined voice of consumers, family members, and professionals is being heard at the local, state, and national levels expressing dissatisfaction with existing levels of service and calling for recognition of the potential for recovery from serious mental illness.

Research over the past three decades has yielded an increased understanding of the biology and physiology of serious mental illness leading to the improved therapies and medications which now make recovery possible.

However, the majority of those in need of these therapies and medications are still not able to get them. Less than half of adults and as few as 20 percent of children in need of treatment are receiving it. This, then, is today’s problem for NAMI to address.

NAMI Louisville is dedicated to educating consumers, family members, professionals, and the general public to dispel myths and misperceptions about mental illness. Our programs and services are aimed toward eradicating the stigma of mental illness, enhancing the hope of recovery, and improving the quality of life for those in the Louisville area whose lives are affected by serious mental illness.

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